Tory MP’s rebel against Vaccine passport being used as leverage to gain back a normal stand of living.

Parliament Hill

It doesn’t look good for Boris after some Tories see the light and have decided to rebel regarding vaccine passports.

It was decided by the powers that be, not only were external vaccine passports a must-have, but domestic ones were also needed.

There has been a backlash from MP’s, many of whom have already had the vaccine, yet still, some Tory MP’s are against vaccines being used as leverage to gain back a normal stand of living for those who don’t want the vaccine or those who can’t have it.

Tory MP, Andrew Bridgen, who has had the vaccine, said: “I took the vaccine to protect myself and the wider community from the Covid 19 virus, not to gain entitlement over those who have not taken it.”

What are your thoughts on this?
Is Boris right to go for domestic covid passports making those who don’t have it a subclass in society?

BORIS Johnson faces a battle from rebel Tory MPs over plans to introduce “vaccine passports” for people to demonstrate their COVID-19 status before going to events.

Source: Vaccine passport rebellion: Boris faces humiliating defeat as 41 of his own MPs turn on PM

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Margaret Ramsay
Margaret Ramsay
2 months ago

VPs are discriminatory and are a direct assault on freedom. Of course, digital control was always the agenda. The plandemic was the vehicle of fear to drive people to the VP. The psyop was to persuade people to welcome the move in the misguided belief that they were regaining freedom after over a year of misery. I can only hope that there are more MPs who have the integrity to rebel.