Salvini Slams the EU ‘We don’t want your money, we want freedom!’

It looks like the EU days are numbered after many Eurosceptic leaders have joined forces to take down the EU commission’s power-hungry agenda. Salvini, along with others, has vowed to “Make Europe Great Again” in defiance against the EU commission power hold over its nation-states.

Salvini said: “The top priories are the EU repatriation policy and border protection.

“When we’re talking about these two specific issues, we’re asking for ‘more Europe’.”In some policy areas, we want the other members of the European Union to be able to decide for themselves on other issues, but on these two specific points, we think Europe should have a major role in terms of cooperation.

“Speaking about a larger vision for the future of the European Union, I think after the COVID crisis, the EU needs to reinvent itself and find a new soul.

“The political groups inside the European Parliament should seize the occasion and use it as a way to change.

“If today we could fuse together the European Conservatives and Reformists and Identity and Democracy groups, we could have the second biggest group in the parliament, a true alternative to the European People’s Party/Socialists and Democrats duo.”

The question is, is the EU on its last legs?

MATTEO SALVINI lashed out against the EU in his latest warning to the bloc’s future over member states’ freedom to make independent decisions for their citizens.

Source: ‘We don’t want your money, we want freedom!’ Salvini unleashes scathing attack on EU

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2 months ago

Matteo Salvini exactly what most of the people of Great Britain wanted I do hope we have in some way shown you the way it’s hard but keep at it,It will be worth it in the end nothing
like the taste of freedom.