Irish Prime Minister gives “Additional Freedoms” to those who have had the vaccine.

Parliament Hill

IRELAND’S Prime Minister Micheal Martin seems to be laying down rules which suggest only those who have had the jab will gain “additional freedoms”.

The Irish PM was setting out his road map out of lockdown where he gave a statement saying only people who have had the vaccine can meet others indoors, with those who have had the full vaccine gaining “additional freedoms.”

The statement said: “Towards the end of April, we will examine the situation and in the month of May we will look at a phased reopening of non-essential retail, personal services, all non-contact sports training, religious services, museums, galleries and libraries, and additional freedoms for those who are fully vaccinated.

Is it right to dangle people’s freedom in front of people’s faces saying your liberties and how much freedom you can have counts on you having your vaccine? Whatever happened to having a choice on whether you want it or not?

Earlier in the PM’s statement, he took a swipe at the EU, saying the only thing holding back Ireland from moving forward is the vaccine’s supply.

Mr Martin said: “Every effort has been made to ensure that almost all doses are injected into people in the same week that they arrive, but disruptions to supply – to Ireland and throughout Europe – have held us back.”

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