Remainers said Britain wouldn’t survive after Brexit. How wrong they were. Liz Truss reaches new agreement, unlocking trade for Britain in Asia.

Parliament Hill

With Britain outside the EU and now looking towards the sea, UK Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss has been hard at work developing trade relations with nations all across the globe.

Before we left the EU, we were continually told by big business, big banks, mainstream media, politicians, Eurocrats, and remain lobbyists that Britain would be nothing without the EU.

This news just shows how wrong they were to have played down Britains potential to stay in an ever declining club. Thank goodness Britain got out when we did.

What’re your thoughts on this? Is Liz Truss doing a good job?

Liz Truss – “The UK and Thailand have a long and historic relationship, with shared values and interest in mutual prosperity and maintaining the rules-based international system.

“By 2030, 66 percent of the global middle class will be in Asia and today’s agreement sets out our commitment to deepen ties with some of the fastest-growing markets globally.

“We want to forge new partnerships that will boost our economy, create jobs, increase wages and bring prosperity to our people as we build back better, stronger and greener from COVID-19.”

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Chris Stasiak
Chris Stasiak
2 months ago

That’s very good news.but could she find an alternative market for our fish and shellfish outside of the eu.And also any other products that they being unreasonable about ?

2 months ago

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