HYPOCRITE – EU Council Chief laughed at after the redaction of vaccine contract details while preaching they want more transparency.

Parliament Hill

Belgian MEP, who criticised the redacted detail of vaccine contracts, didn’t know whether to “laugh or cry” after the EU Council said they wanted more transparency over the pandemic.

EU Council said they wanted more global transparency in regards to the pandemic.

A senior official at the EU said: “For this global approach to work, we need more transparency, more accountability, and more shared responsibility in the international system.

“COVID-19 has been a harsh reminder – no one is safe until everyone is safe. That’s why leaders from every region of the world have come together to propose collective action at international level.”

With this being said, EU MEPs hit back in dismay, saying the EU Council had been less than transparent after details regarding contracts with vaccine producers were redacted.

One Belgian MEP, Marc Botenga, said he didn’t know whether to “laugh or cry” at the EU Council’s statement.

Marc Botenga added: “I just read the versions published by the EU Commission of its vaccines contracts with Pfizer and Moderna. Frankly, it’s humiliating.

“They were even more censored than the previous ones.”

“Vaccine production: it is absurd that, in exchange for public funds, in full pandemic, there is no longer transparency and public control.

“If we want to increase production, let’s think about removing the patent and sharing technology.”

Whichever way you look at this, the EU Council preach a good one, yet don’t follow their own mantra while expecting everyone else to adhere to what they say.

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