Tony Blair wants the UK Government to force Britains into a Vaccine Passport Scheme.

Tony Blair

TONY BLAIR wants the world to quickly agree a form of Covid passport and has called on Britain to lead the charge, despite receiving a huge backlash over his similar failed ID card scheme.



Using Covid to take more of your liberties?
It seems that Tony Blair is doing his best to lobby the UK Government into implementing a Covid passport nationwide. His way is not to make vaccines mandatory, but to say you can’t have a normal life if you don’t have a Covid passport saying you have been vaccinated.

Implementation indirectly to make it a little less totalitarian doesn’t make it right. Is this push really about the virus or using people’s fear of a virus as a weapon to further political agendas?

Tony told the MailOnline: “More than 120 countries, including our own, already demand that international travellers show proof of a full negative test result before entry. Once vaccinations become widespread, this demand will naturally move to vaccination.

“Call it a passport, a certificate or proof of status – we will want to know.

“We can’t stay in lockdown forever. But we know from experience that as we come out of lockdown, the disease will start to spread again unless we keep some form of controls on who can come into our country and unless we take reasonable precautions to stamp on any outbreak should it recur.”

“This is not about discrimination or hostility towards those not vaccinated or tested. It is a completely understandable desire to know whether those we mix with might be carrying the disease.

“Have they had an internationally recognised test (based on PCR swabs, which look for traces of Covid’s genetic material, or other equally valid tests as they are developed) to demonstrate that they are free form the virus?

“Have they been vaccinated and, if so, is that with one or two jabs?

“It is increasingly obvious that other countries feel the same. There is already a host of initiatives starting around the world with this aim in mind.”

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Bob Acteson
12 days ago

I’m onside with your article and your political stance, but seriously, do you not know the difference between ‘Britains’ and Britons? FFS employ a proof reader!