Ministers try to turn the group think cancel culture tide in universities “War on Woke”


THE GOVERNMENT is facing a mounting backlash over its plans to appoint a new "free speech champion" to prevent universities from trying to cancel people due to their views.



With the universities becoming more woke and socialist, the government have decided to hit back in an attempt to quell the tide.

The government has said they want to crack down on universities pushing to rewrite Britains history and cancel those who do not conform to groupthink.

Education Minister Gavin Williamson will place plans to appoint an” ‘free speech Champion” who will have powers to oversee and defend freedom of speech on campuses.

The outline of the plans where published by the Sunday Telegraph. The Sunday Telegraph reported a Departmental source as saying: “Free speech underpins our democratic society and our universities have a long and proud history of being places where students and academics can express themselves freely, challenge views and cultivate an open, inquiring mind.

“Unacceptable silencing and censoring on campuses is having a chilling effect, and that is why we must strengthen free speech in higher education, by bolstering the existing legal duties and ensuring strong, robust action is taken if these are breached.”

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