Supports of Jeremy Corbyn  want funding to activate ‘Momentum TV’ to battle against Andrew Neil’s GB News

Jeremy Corbyn

JEREMY CORBYN supporters are crowdfunding to "fight back" against Andrew Neil's new GB News TV channel and bolster their own video operation.



Those on the left now labelling the liberal mainstream media not left-leaning enough show how far-left politics and the media have dragged us as a country.

We all know that freedom of opinion and speech lacks with the media. The minute you go against the politically correct MSM narrative, the MSM go onto the attack trying to cut you off or defame you without a chance to respond.

The cancellation of speech will eventually turn on those who demanded it to be brought in. I don’t think it’s the speech that’s the problem.

The problem is with who decides what’s appropriate and not appropriate. As the old saying goes, more speech is key to a healthy, more relaxed society.

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Malcolm Jacques
29 days ago

Why do I have to pay a tv license to have left wing points of views stuck down my throat?

Last edited 29 days ago by Malcolm Jacques
Reply to  Malcolm Jacques
29 days ago

It’s the way the Left works……… pay for your own indoctrination.