Stop being mean to us! EU rages that UK is treating bloc ‘worse than any country’


EU OFFICIALS are furiously lashing out against Boris Johnson over the UK's decision to deny the EU Ambassador to Britain his diplomatic status.


The EU may say stop being mean, but the truth is the EU isn’t a country or state. Though the EU wants to be seen as a sovereign superstate, the UK acknowledge the EU as an international organisation with sovereign nation-states within their ever-growing bloc. The EU is not sovereign. It’s the countries within the EU bloc that hold sovereignty. The big question is, has this diplomatic privilege spat between Britain and the EU exposed the EU for what it is, an international organisation?

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30 days ago

There is no prejudice or bad faith with reference to this subject.
Sovereign states get diplomats – That is all.
The USA does not get a diplomat from each state to the UK – It gets one – The USA diplomat.
The EU either IS the sovereign power and all countries within it Give Up their sovereignty to the EU as an entity – or it is NOT – and the individual European countries all have sovereignty and an ambassador each.
Imagine my shock that the Arrogant Anti-Democracy “appointed” EU Tyranny wants “Cake AND Eat it” –