‘Fear is back’ Angela Merkel issued stark warning as Germany economy takes another hit

Angela Merkel

ANGELA MERKEL received yet another blow on Monday as German business morale slumped to a six-month low in January.


With economies around the world being hit by Covid 19, Merkel is worried after Germany’s business moral is hit. Before Covid 19, manufacturing in Germany was starting to contract sending alarm bells ringing. Germany is the engine of the EU. If Germany does poorly economically, so does the EU. Not only does the EU now have to cover the absent money due to Britain leaving, but they also have to find money to recover their economies due to the Covid crisis. Whichever way you look at it will be hard for the EU to come back strong when so many countries have been devastated by the pandemic. On the other hand, Britain is set to take off economically once Britain gets back to work.

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alan warhurst
alan warhurst
1 month ago

Oh dear, what a shame.😀