‘We’ve got kids starving!’ Furious Rejoiners launch campaign to axe ‘sick’ Brexit festival


Theresa May announced the £120million concept in 2018 which is expected to consist of a large number of events across the country. Boris Johnson says that it would give a significant cultural boost to the UK with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport set to start work commissioning agencies to develop festival material.


With Britain now out of the EU, it seems remainers are on the attack trying to bring down everything that celebrates Britain. The key question is, why?. Remainers have reacted to a £120 million nationwide festival to celebrate everything British in 2022. This festival coincides with the 2022 Commonwealth Games held in Britain. The SNP say it costs too much to put the event on, yet they would put on a second referendum regardless of the cost. The remainers don’t want Britain to thrive, and they seem to be willing to do down Britain just because we left the EU. What’re your thoughts, should the festival of Britain go ahead?

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