Biden Calls Boris Before Other European Leaders to Plan ‘Build Back Better’ Agenda


Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly told Joe Biden that his ascendancy to the White House represented a “moment of hope in a dark time” as the leaders discussed their ‘Build Back Better’ agenda during a phone call on Saturday.


With Biden now in the Whitehouse, the UK is on the hunt for a trade deal with the US. When the bust of Winston Churchill was removed from the Oval Office under Barack Obama, Boris had something to say about it. Now the bust has been removed once again, Boris is silent. We can see the PM is trying to butter up the US President to seek a trade deal, especially as we’ve exited the EU. The only downside to this arrangement is that Biden was not a supporter of Brexit. The question is, will the UK get a favourable deal with the US or will there be many caveats associated within the deal as Biden is a massive globalist.

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Jack Iddon
Jack Iddon
1 month ago

BUILD BACK BETTER! So Boris is part of The Great Reset.