BBC educational programme tells 9-year-olds there are more than 100 genders


A BBC educational programme aimed at children as young as nine years old features a scene where a teacher tells youngsters "there are over 100 if not more gender identities now".


Again the sheer propaganda being pushed by state-backed media is quite shocking. How is it the role of a state broadcaster to push propaganda to school and young children? Is this an appropriate discussion to have with such young children? Why can’t our children just grow up without being tainted from forced agendas about adult life?. The big question is if you are a parent, are you happy with the BBC forcing teachings like this onto your children?

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John Dunning
John Dunning
1 month ago

What to you expect from the BBC.Its wokeness and anti democracy plans are falling apart as it continues to support staying the E.vil U.nion