Brussels on red alert as Brexit may create cracks in bloc – ‘END of EU will be great!’

End of EU

THE European Union has been put on alert following Brexit Britain's departure from the bloc, with one leading Frexit campaigner warning Brussels will be increasingly terrified other countries may follow suit.


Time and time again Nigel Farage warned that Brexit Maybe the death knell of the EU. It wasn’t just the UK who were growing more and more Eurosceptic. Overcurrent days, the EU went into fits of rage over being refused diplomatic privileges when coming to the UK. The UK said the EU is an international body like NATO and the UN and not a sovereign Superstate. With this reaction, it’s clear that the EU wants to be seen as a Superstate hence why they demand diplomatic privileges when coming to the UK. This EU reaction will only wake up and confirm to many what the long term EU agenda is.

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