EU shamed over outrageous plot to ‘brainwash’ UK students with pro-Brussels propaganda

Pro Brussels propaganda

THE European Union has been told to back off after it was announced the bloc would continue to pump pro-Brussels propaganda into British schools.

Source: EU shamed over outrageous plot to ‘brainwash’ UK students with pro-Brussels propaganda



Brussels interfering in schools, high schools and other higher education is what the EU have been doing for years. This new education stint by the EU is said to be teaching UK children about further EU integration. It was only last month when Guy Verhofstadt said it would be Britain’s youth that would bring the UK back into the EU.

Yesterday Brussels did say it wanted Britain to stop meddling in EU affairs yet the EU find it’s ok to interfere with children’s education in the UK. Do you think this education propaganda pumped by the EU is a good thing or a bad thing? 


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Keith Andrew Lucraft
Keith Andrew Lucraft
1 month ago

It’s no different than this Government allowing Muslims to tell none Muslims in our schools to act and be Muslim because Muslims family’s don’t like Christ ante beliefs in the school that their children are attending. So the EU are doing the same thing BUT if Adults Edition allows this to happen now we are out of the EU then the Edition Minster is to blame in this to continue But it’s freedom for them to decide But if these Adults don’t want to live under the UK rules then they should hand back their Passports and live under the rules of the EU. I and many don’t want them to be brainwashed by the EU to try to bring the UK back into the EU when they ( EU ) just want our money ( UK Taxes ) to keep the EU a float. UK is a Island not part of the EU and I and many want it to stay that way.