‘Stupid Macron!’ Frexit campaigner shames French bid to ‘punish’ UK for Brexit victory

Mar Ron

Charles-Henri Gallois, President of political movement Generation Frexit, branded the EU a “total disaster” for trying to block Britain from regaining its sovereignty. Mr Macron led the charge for those determined to punish Britain to quit the bloc, in a move Mr Galloi compared with a “sect that wants to punish the member that wants to take back his freedom”.

Source: ‘Stupid Macron!’ Frexit campaigner shames French bid to ‘punish’ UK for Brexit victory



It’s been known for quite some time that President Macron hasn’t respected the British people’s decision to leave the EU. The negotiation process was more about how to overturn the Brexit result and how’s best to punish Britain rather than wanting a good relationship free from hostilities going forward.

With Euroscepticism rising throughout the EU, those who’s dream of a European Superstate are becoming fearful of a second country exiting the EU. A recent article stated that Frexit (French Exit) from the EU is picking up pace with 10,000 signatories picked up in days to get the question asked on Frances membership on the EU.

It clear to see that the rise of Euroscepticism scares those who control the EU to the core because they know if another state was to leave the bloc, it could mean the end for the EU. The question is – is it only a matter of time before there is another nation wanting to leave the EU?.


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