Nicola Sturgeon told to step down as SNP ordered to ditch ‘ridiculous’ plot to rejoin EU

A NIGEL Farage-backed Unionist has blasted Nicola Sturgeon’s ambitions of rejoining the EU. READ MORE…


Reform UK is a new rebranding of the Brexit party. The party is headed up by Mr Brexit himself Nigel Farage. 

Last week, Richard Tice, the Chairman of Reform UK, introduced  Michelle Ballantyne, an MSP Member of the Scottish Parliament who left the Tories to become an independent. The once Tory has now joined Reform UK to take the fight to the political elite. 

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Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore
1 month ago

These people who suppose to be in charge, are all living in cloud Cookoo land and just can’t see woods for tree. God help the world.

1 month ago

[…] going into Scottish politics to be a champion for Unionist voters. Reform UK has a former Tory MSP Michelle Ballantyne as its Scottish leader, leading the battle to give pro-Union supporters a real […]