‘WITCH HUNT’ Trump slams ‘ridiculous’ impeachment and says it’s ‘causing tremendous anger’ in first comments since Capitol riot

Trump slams ‘ridiculous’ impeachment

PRESIDENT Donald Trump headed to Alamo, Texas, on Tuesday and blasted the “ridiculous” impeachment bid against him as he made his way to the Mexico border wall.



With the MSM solely pinning the blame for the protest at the capital on Donald Trump, the President keeps ploughing on.

As with anything, the narratives pushed by the MSM need to be taken with a pinch of salt. They are often based on opinion rather than facts on the ground.

This reaction from this event by the media was not the same as when Antifa and BLM went on a six-month rampage costing billions in looting and destruction of businesses and property.

Violence at protests is seen by the left as acceptable, yet someone goes to the capital, allowed entry into the public building aided by the Police is seen as an attack (video shows entry given by police waving people into the capital).

Nowhere in Trump’s speech did you hear him call for violence in the capital. It was quite the opposite. What’re your thoughts on this? Is Trump to blame for what went on at the capital?

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