Deutsche Bank ‘cuts ties with Donald Trump over Capitol riots’

Signature Bank, the New York lender that’s long catered to his family, also said it’s refraining from further business with the US president. READ MORE…


With the purge on Trump continuing, we see New World Order companies and banks deliberately hitting Donald Trump to ruin the President. The question no one is asking is why the rush to punish the President publicly?

Did you know that the riots took place 30 minutes before Trump’s speech finished and would have taken nearly 1hr to have walked to the Senate house with the crowds’ size? With MAGA rallies you don’t get people walking away mid-speech.If this was an attack on the capital building, why did the police let people walk into the building?

There where BLM riots at the capital where the left smashed things up everywhere and the Dems publicly supported them. Where was this outcry then? This isn’t about an attack on a public building; this is to silence him because he knows too much. What’re your thoughts?

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