Farage: European Union’s Greed Is Helping Communist China ‘Take Over the World’

In response to the mass arrests of pro-democracy activists and politicians in Hong Kong, British politicians called on the European Union to abandon the investment pact it struck with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including Brexit leader Nigel Farage who said that “Brussels’ greed is helping the regime to take over the world.”


The CCP are quick to take critical infrastructure assets from most countries. In Africa and South America, China has vast control over rare earth mineral assets. Now in North America, we are seeing the CCP flexing against the US government through social media. 

The CCP know banning the US President on social media to cut communication between the President and the People will cause unrest and gives the MSM control over the narrative with free reign on the propaganda they push. The question is, do you think the CCP are a threat to western society? 

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